Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Need help for military restoration project

Ok guys and ladies too. Vets and military collectors. Anyone..I need your help for a project. A while back I went out and bought the hull of a boat that needs work and lots of parts. For some reason my wife doesn't think its the best investment I've ever made. But I figure if I can get a real estate deal done from someone that says they wanted to give me business so I could afford boat parts, she would have to give in a little. Sound like a plot... I mean a plan? The boat in question is a Vietnam era river patrol boat. AKA PBR MK2 or patrol boat riverine. So if you are, or know a military vehicle enthusiast, or collector that needs real estate help of some kind in California or Maui send them my way.(www.maui4rent.com) Just remember the code words... I'm doing it for the boat project. Don't worry, before you talk to my wife we can practice. Besides helping out, you will also get extreme real estate service. It's what we call the win win :) Any one out there have a good deal on a 32 foot boat trailer? Some engines?? PS If you want to see info on a guy with a real collection, check out this site... largest private collector / owner of tanks in the world Jacques Littlefield

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